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MEIN HANSI recycling fashion aus BERLIN nistet sich 2 Wochen lang im YPPIG ein, macht afterwork-workshops (man kann einfach reinschneien ins YPPIG, weil MEIN HANSI vor Ort näht und lebt und heizt) und ganz konkret auch einen “COOLE MÜTZEN AUS ALTEN PULLIS” workshop am 3.11. von 18.00 – 20.00 ! Mitzubringen sind DEINE alten Strickpullis.

Anmeldung zu den Workshops an

MEIN HANSI bräuchte alte winterjacken. daunenjacken, skijacken, alles in der art, ausserdem strickpullover und alle anderen pullover.


FR 16.00 – 20.00
SA 11.00 – 20.00

“Mein Hansi” is a fashion label, founded in 2006 in Schneeberg/Germany. I was bored of that little town I was studying in and I was angry, when I found out how harmful fashion industry is to our planet, the animals and us.
Since august 2010 i am a member of the “aluc”-team and “Mein Hansi” turned into a diffusion line of aluc. That means i moved to Berlin and more people are involved. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen.More people means more ideas- means more crazy ways of recycling… hopefully more sizes and more and more pieces.

What i do is recycling pre- and post-consumer waste… that is end of roll-fabric, production cut-offs and 2.hand clothing and fabric. Mein Hansi clothes are crazy pieces with a unique character. Everything you get is a single one-off-piece!

Our work against an industry that is wasting resources and destroying people, animals and the environment!

You can find t-shirts, skirts, dresses, pullovers, jackets, shorts… accessories, bags and more funny things.
It’s cool fashion for you and me. Made in Germany.
It’s handmade, ecological and stylish streetwear. For girls, ladys, boys, kids and everybody in between.

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so fair, so warm, so cosy, so colourful, such a cool collection, so selected
love, yppig

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